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I am a residential landscape designer out of Salem, Oregon with over two decades of experience assisting homeowners to transform their landscape into beautiful and balanced works of art. My garden designs are top-notch, and my consulting services will set you up for success. I have achieved a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and use my education to make sure my clients have the best plants, and proper information to keep a lasting garden or landscape.

I specialize in helping DIY homeowners achieve their garden and landscaping goals, wants, and needs. I’ll provide you with either a sketch or full-service computer mockup of the area, material lists, plant lists, care instructions, and a list of contractors for installing the design. When it comes to the important stuff, don’t roll the dice and waste your time and money gambling, instead, use a professional to make sure the proper job is done right on the first time around. Choose Kelli’s Garden Design, today.


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