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D.I.Y. Design Consultation
D.I.Y. Design Consultation

At Kelli's Garden Design, we understand the importance of transforming outdoor spaces into breathtaking havens that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Whether you're dreaming of a tranquil retreat, a vibrant entertainment area, or a sustainable garden oasis, we're here to bring your vision to life.


Our Services


Our consultation services at Kelli's Garden Design are the first step towards realizing your dream garden. We understand that every garden is unique, and our approach is centered around your goals, preferences, and the current conditions of your outdoor space.

What to Expect During a Consultation

  • Site Visit: We begin by visiting your site to get a firsthand understanding of the space we're working with. This allows us to assess the layout, topography, and existing features.
  • Owner's Goals: We'll sit down with you to discuss your goals and vision for your garden. Whether you're dreaming of a peaceful retreat or an entertainment hub, understanding your aspirations is key to creating a design that reflects your lifestyle.
  • Current Conditions: We'll also address any challenges or difficulties posed by the current conditions of your outdoor space. This could include issues such as poor drainage, soil quality, or existing landscaping that no longer suits your needs.
  • Solution Discussion: Together, we'll explore possible solutions to overcome these challenges and achieve your goals. Our designer will provide expert advice and recommendations tailored to your specific situation, drawing on our knowledge of horticultural practices and landscaping techniques.
  • Plan of Attack: By the end of the consultation, we'll develop a clear plan outlining the steps needed to bring your vision to life. Whether it's implementing drainage solutions, redesigning planting beds, or adding new features, we'll work with you to prioritize tasks and set realistic timelines.
  • Guidance and Support: For clients who prefer a hands-on approach, we're happy to provide guidance on best horticultural practices. We'll offer tips and advice to help you maintain your garden and ensure its long-term health and beauty.
  • Design Options: Depending on your needs, we offer two design options.
    • DIY Clients For those who prefer to tackle the project themselves, we can provide a quick sketch along with lists of recommended plants, materials, and resources to get you started
    • Full Design Clients For a more comprehensive approach, we'll take measurements and pictures to develop a detailed landscape design tailored to your specifications

Full Landscape Design

Our talented designer will work closely with you to create custom landscape designs that enhances the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. From lush gardens and tranquil water features to stylish patios and outdoor kitchens, we'll bring your vision to life with creativity and precision.

Our Process

  • Consultation: Our process begins with a thorough consultation to understand your vision and how you want your landscape to function. We take the time to listen to your ideas, preferences, and goals, ensuring that our design reflects your unique style and requirements.
  • Site Assessment: Pictures and measurements play a crucial role in creating an accurate design plan. We conduct a detailed site assessment, capturing the layout, topography, and existing features of your outdoor space to inform our design process.
  • Computer-Generated Design: Using state-of-the-art technology, we create a computer-generated design that is to scale and clearly labeled. This comprehensive plan provides a visual representation of the proposed layout, including hardscape features, planting beds, and other elements.
  • Detailed Documentation: In addition to the design plan, we provide detailed documentation to assist both homeowners and contractors in understanding the design. This includes plant lists with pictures and plant care notes, as well as materials and referral lists for sourcing.
  • Hard Copy and Digital Copy: You'll receive both a hard copy and a digital copy of the design, ensuring accessibility and convenience. Whether you prefer to reference the design in print or on your electronic devices, you'll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Owner's Assistant

Unlock the full potential of your landscaping project with Kelli's Garden Design Owner Assistant services. Whether you're a hands-on DIY enthusiast or seeking professional contractors to bring your vision to life, our owner assistant services provide invaluable support and guidance every step of the way.

How We Assist

  • Expert Advice and Support: As your owner assistant, we're here to answer any questions that arise throughout the project. Whether you need advice on plants, materials, techniques, or troubleshooting, we provide expert guidance to ensure your project stays on track.
  • Contractor Referral and Coordination: Finding and hiring reliable contractors can be a daunting task. We streamline the process by recommending trusted professionals in the industry and assisting with the hiring process. From obtaining quotes to scheduling appointments, we handle the logistics so you can focus on bringing your vision to life.
  • Communication Liaison: We act as a go-between from you, the owner, to the contractor, facilitating clear and effective communication. We ensure that your needs and preferences are accurately conveyed to the contractor, minimizing misunderstandings and ensuring a smooth workflow.
  • Defender of Design Integrity: Our top priority is preserving the integrity of your design. As your representative, we advocate for your vision and ensure that the design specifications are adhered to throughout the installation process. We work tirelessly to protect the integrity of your project, ensuring that the final result exceeds your expectations.
  • Contractor: As a licensed landscape contractor (LCB#100500), we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of services to transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis of natural beauty and functionality.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Expertise: With years of experience in the landscaping industry, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project. From intricate garden designs to expansive outdoor renovations, we have the skills and creativity to bring your vision to life.
  • Licensed Contractor: As a licensed landscape contractor in the state of Oregon, we adhere to strict standards of professionalism and quality. You can trust that your project will be completed with the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Subcontractor Network: While we primarily use subcontractors for installation, rest assured that we work exclusively with trusted professionals who share our commitment to excellence. Our subcontractor network consists of skilled craftsmen and artisans who are dedicated to delivering outstanding results.
  • Full-Service Solutions: From initial consultation to final installation, we offer full-service solutions to meet all of your landscaping needs. Whether you're looking to create a serene garden retreat, a vibrant outdoor entertainment area, or a sustainable landscape design, we have the expertise and resources to bring your vision to life.

Our Installation Process

  • Design Implementation: Once the design plan is finalized, our team will begin the installation process. We work diligently to ensure that every aspect of the design is implemented with precision and care.
  • Subcontractor Coordination: We oversee all aspects of the installation process, including subcontractor coordination. Our project managers work closely with subcontractors to ensure that the work is completed according to schedule and to our exacting standards.
  • Quality Control: Throughout the installation process, we maintain strict quality control measures to ensure that the finished product meets our high standards of excellence. From materials selection to craftsmanship, we leave no detail overlooked.
  • Client Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed your expectations at every turn, delivering a finished landscape that brings your vision to life and enhances your outdoor living experience.

Ready to take the first step towards your dream garden? Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Kelli's Garden Design. Let's work together to create a space that you'll love to call your own.


Why Choose Us

  • Passion for Design: We're passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces that inspire and delight. With a keen eye for design and a commitment to excellence, we'll exceed your expectations every step of the way.
  • Personalized Approach: We believe that every garden should be as unique as its owner. That's why we take the time to listen to your needs and preferences, tailoring our services to suit your individual style and vision.
  • Professionalism: From our initial consultation to the final installation, you can count on us to deliver professional service and exceptional results. We'll work tirelessly to ensure that your project is completed to the highest standards, leaving you with a garden that you'll love for years to come.
  • Personalized Service: We take the time to understand your unique needs and preferences, ensuring that our solutions are tailored to suit your individual style and vision.
  • Expertise: With years of experience in garden design and horticulture, our team has the knowledge and skills to address any challenges and deliver exceptional results.
  • Supportive Guidance: Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a novice, we're here to provide the guidance and support you need to achieve success.
  • Creative Solutions: We pride ourselves on our ability to think outside the box and find creative solutions to even the most challenging landscaping issues.
  • Customized Solutions: We take a personalized approach to every project, ensuring that our designs are tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.
  • Professionalism: Our team of experienced designers delivers high-quality, professional-grade designs that exceed industry standards.
  • Clarity and Communication: Our computer-generated designs are easy to read and understand, fostering clear communication between homeowners and contractors.
  • Comprehensive Support: From initial consultation to final installation, we provide comprehensive support every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and successful project.
  • Trusted Network: We have built strong relationships with reputable contractors and suppliers, ensuring that you have access to the best resources for your project.
  • Commitment to Excellence: We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and ensuring that your project is completed to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

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